Our research and development laboratory is equipped with:

• mixers and stirrers, including

– hand blender
– magnetic stirrer with heating
– mechanical stirrer for liquids (up to 5 l)
– roller mixer for powders (50-4000 ml)
– diagonal stirrer (50-2000 ml)
– special diagonal mixer for powders (5-25 l)
– drum mixer for powders (50-300 l)
– mixer for liquids and gels (50 l)
– mixer with heating mantle

• planetary mixers, including mixers for highly viscous resin composites, enabling the preparation of samples from 50 to 1500 g
• calibrated Zwick / Roell testing machine with two force heads (high precision 1 kNand 10 kN) and holders for bending, compression, tensile and adhesion tests
• apparatus for determining the water content by the Karl Fischer method ensuring a quick and accurate analysis of water content from several hundred ppm to 100%
• Rheolab QC rotational rheometer, Anton Paar (determination of the yield strength of gels and pastes, flow curve)
• grinders: analytical (volume 80-250 ml) and knife grinders (volume up to 4500 ml)
• laboratory toroidal centrifuge (deaeration of products)
• laboratory dryers
• ultrasonic cleaner
• analytical balances
• filament ZORTREAX M 200 3D printer, (working area: 200 x 200 x 180 mm, minimum thickness of the printed layer – 90 µm, nozzle diameter 0.4 mm)